NFC Antenna

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology with a primary frequency of 13.56 MHz that enables devices to perform point-to-point data transfer and read NFC tags containing product information.

An NFC antenna is a specially designed antenna that allows NFC communication hardware to wirelessly transmit, receive and exchange data over short distances, typically less than 10cm.



NFC Antenna Application

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  • Contactless Payment :

           Users can add credit card information to their mobile phones, so that they don’t need to present a physical card when shopping, and can directly open the payment function and easily check out by entering a password or accepting a transaction
  • Door Access Control

        Access control and door intercom manufacturers are now incorporating NFC technology as a standard option in access control and door intercom devices as the trend for secure, convenient, wireless door unlocking becomes a growing requirement for users.
  • Ticketing System

          NFC is able to identify various cards with wireless identification function, as long as the card (including access control, traffic ticket or door ticket, etc.) is built into the mobile phone in the form of an analog card, and then the mobile device storing the ticket or door control password is close to the reading device. In addition, some bank ATMs also support cardless withdrawals. As long as the ATM card is bound to the mobile phone, you can directly use your mobile phone to sense the ATM and make withdrawals.
  • Data Exchange 

           Information transfer: Generally speaking, if you want to send pictures, web addresses, contacts, phone numbers, music, and videos from your phone to your friends, you may use communication software or cloud platforms; NFC can be used for all kinds of information exchange, such as phone numbers, images, music files, digital licensing, and so on.
  • Parking Access

           NFC technology in the car park vehicle access and payment management system, compared with the traditional way of charging can reduce a lot of waiting time, so that the user more quickly in and out, shorten the time to enter the registration and checkout, and at the same time, increase the efficiency of the use of the car park.
  • Transport Cards

          With the adoption of NFC, more and more cities and countries around the world are allowing passengers to scan their mobile phones before boarding or getting into a car. There is no longer a need to fumble for cash or a transport card. Simply carry your mobile phone with you and pay for your bus or train ride!


FPC antennas are designed to be miniaturized and bendable, MKS offers customized NFC antennas. Whether it’s form factor, material, function, size or anything else, we can customize it for you.
Application: all kinds of consumer products, such as mobile phone, industrial control table

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