We set up the Engineering Department as one of the most essential programs before mass production , which determines throughout all manufacturing techniques in processes of the production, and it’s important as a known motto

QUALITY is procured by good Design &Manufacture, rather than by  Inspection” 



  1. Samples Making Section.  
  2. Production Engineering Section.
  3. Research & Development Section



1.  Samples Making Section.
      1.1  Engineering analysis
         Experienced and skillful technicians will analyze materials, drawings, Specs., constructure… etc. information from Sales Dept., to design the proper tools              and fixture for product requirements. Make revised suggestions to customer when there are potential quality problems in original drawings or Specs.                  that
may occur in mass production.

      1.2  Samples making & Reliability test
           Provide fastest sample production and follow up Physical, Environmental , Life… (optional) tests to make sure the products are safe and reliable in                         properties.

      1.3 Establish STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for Manu. ept.

      1.4 Specify INSPECTION STANDARD that customer demands for Q.A.

2.  Production Engineering Section
     2.1 Usually station in Manu. Dept. to instruct professional skill for operators to avoid mistakes, or to solve quality problem during mass production.
     2.2 Improve operation process to be more efficient, and feedback practical
           situations for Samples Making Sec. or R&D Sec.

3.  Research & Development Section
     3.1 Research new materials or new manufacturing methods for existent products.
     3.2 Research new technology & develop new product, and trial run its manufacturing process.