About Touch Panel

Touch panel/screen was developed in the 1970s for military purpose in the U.S. And has develop into a variety of applications. It plays a supporting role in the past, now has become to one of the key components, and will even develop towards the direction of integrated industry. Its advantage is to provide the most direct, fast, and effective way to communicate with people and machines, eliminating the complex barriers of traditional computer operation methods, and allowing users to achieve the highest satisfaction of information use in the simplest way when faced with a wide range of computers, communication products, and various operating systems and application software.




  Analog  4 wire & 5 wire type

   Matrix type

po ito2po ito1


Dimensions and Thickness: ITO Film 0.125, 0.178, 0.188mm

                                                         ITO Glass 0.55, 0.7,1.1, 1.8, 2.0,.2


Structure; Film to Film, Film to Glass, Film to Film with Plastic Back Board


Transparency: 75% — 80%


Surface Texture: Polished or anti-glare


Surface Hardness : 3H with hard coatings for surface protection


Actuation Force Range : 2 –4 oz Typical


Current and Voltage Rating : DC 5V, 12mA


Linearity : 1 to 3%


Isolation Resistance : > 50 Mega ohm, at 25V DC.


Service Durability: >3 million cycles(Tip R3,Load:300g,Silicone RubberHardness:60)
,or> 1mllion cycles(Pen Tip: ro.8, Load 250g)


Operating Temperature : 0 °C – +75°C


Storage Temperature: -40°C – +90°C


Operating Humidity: 60°C, 90% R.H. 240 Hours


Flat Surface and Curved Surface both are available.


Back plate for the stiffener can be transparent polycarbonate, Glass and harden glass.


Back lighting also can be design on Your production

 Standard Products


Active Area

View Area

Outside Dimension


55.4 X 63.4mm

58.4 X 65.9mm

63.4 X 73.4mm


83.9X 113.4mm

86.9 X 115.9mm

91.9 X 123.4mm


90 X 121.4mm

93 X 123.9mm

98 X 131.4mm


155.5 X 208.9mm

158.5 X 211.4mm

163.5 X 218.9mm


227.1 X 304.3mm

230 X 304.3mm

235.1 X 314.3mm

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