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Medical Devices 

As medical technology continues to advance, the role of FPCBs is becoming more and more important; FPCBs are designed to be highly flexible, have fewer interconnections, are durable, and save space.
MKS has many years of experience in producing medical FPC boards. Used in medical gastroscopes, hearing aids, medical surveillance camping screens, pacemakers, medical panel pushbuttons, cosmetology devices, and blood pressure monitors, MKS FPC circuit boards comply with the stringent medical standards set for medical devices and components and can be customized to provide higher impedance control, suitable line widths, and higher current carrying capacity, as well as to meet the high-frequency requirements of medical applications.




FPCB in automotive electronics, especially in electric vehicles is a very important trend, especially in the battery BMS, vehicle lighting systems, door control systems, camera modules, etc.; with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, electric vehicles, battery management systems in new electronic components, which use the demand for battery flexible boards will be rapidly expanding, electric vehicles will certainly be used in large quantities of FPCB  instead of electrical harnesses, the weight reduction of 70% than the electrical harness, and can significantly save space. FPCB reduces weight by 70% compared to wiring harnesses and saves space. MKS has nearly 20 years of experience in providing FPCB, rigid-flex PCB, assemblies, and customized product modules for automotive


CAR dashboard flex pcb2
CAR dashboard flex pcb1

Wearable Devices

With the growing trend and rapid expansion of the wearable device market, flexible circuit boards are most commonly used in applications where flexibility requirements, production constraints, or space savings limit the use of rigid circuit boards. The switch matrix in a keyboard is almost always a flexible circuit. These circuits are usually connected to electronic components such as capacitors, integrated circuits and resistors using passive wiring structures. In recent years, flex pcbs and rigid-flex pcbs have become the optimal solution as technology continues to evolve with the development of advanced materials, embedded components, high-density interconnections, and trends in thermal management product development. Successful wearable products, whether they are smart watches, smart helmets, AR/VR glasses, or electronic fashion, can open up new lifestyles. One of the uses of the smartwatch is in wearable devices.

fpc+membrane switch green

Industrial Equipments

位于复杂系统中,面临极端温度、污垢、化学品和湿气,每项技术改进都需要关注汽车设计中的高可靠性、更好的控制和护理。 几年前,传统汽车使用标准的刚性印刷电路板,但现在新一代的印刷电路板如 HDI(每层互连)板、柔性和刚柔结合板广泛用于车辆的每个部分,例如 GPS 系统、传感器


membrane sw with aluminum back panel

Consumer Electronics



flex pcb p4167
flexible pcb for 3D camera

Aerospace Industry

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fpc airplane-industry
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